Home Organizing for Portland area Baby Boomers & Beyond

Imagine a leisurely day of wandering through the Portland Farmer’s Market, stopping for a nice latte and some perusing through Powell’s City of Books, and then an afternoon with the grandkids at the Portland Zoo.


Sounds fabulous, but you have a houseful of messy, disorganized spaces that need attention. What to do? What if you had a helping hand (or two) to get your home organized and in order, leaving you plenty of time to do what you love?


Susan Weber Organizing is at your service! Susan works with Baby Boomers who are thinking about (or in the process of) downsizing, moving, and/or changing gears as they head into retirement. From the basement on up to the kitchen and bedrooms, Susan can clear the clutter from your child-raising years.

Downsizing, Right-Sizing and Decluttering

Whether you are planning to move locally or cross-country, or you simply want to declutter your house, you can benefit from a professional organizer’s assistance.  Susan has worked alongside a retiree to downsize so she could move from the west coast to the east coast. She has helped a semi-retired client set up the kitchen in her new home as she prepared for full retirement. Susan compassionately offers a hand during life transitions, including the process of sorting through a lifetime of memorabilia.


Getting organized today will also ease the burden on your adult children in the future.  Susan can set up “vital documents” files that you can keep at-the-ready. This includes important papers such as wills, financial documents, and medical information that is available in one handy place in case of emergency.


Susan can also help her Baby Boomer clients to age-in-place. As we get older, the risk of falling increases, so removing clutter and assessing the home for safety is imperative.  She can also sort through expired food and medications, among other tasks. She has many resources in the Portland area, from handymen who can install grab bars and painters who can spiff up spaces, to scrap haulers to clear out the basement and professionals to assist with estate clearing.


If you are ready to free yourself of the clutter and want to enjoy more time with family and friends, please call 503-887-6203 for a free phone consultation. 



Professional Organizing Support for ADD / ADHD and Chronically Disorganized Clients


In addition, Susan has a soft spot for working with people affected by ADHD. She can compassionately guide ADHD clients to manage their organization, planning and time management. Susan understands that these clients may need shorter organizing sessions and be given more time to think and process information. Acting as an accountability partner, she ensures that the work will not only get done, but stay done.


If you would like to become more productive and efficient, with plenty of time to focus on both your business, family, and hobbies, please contact Susan for a free phone consultation at 503-887-6203.


Home-Based Business Organizing


If your home office is not organized, you’re not functioning at maximum efficiency. From setting up a new filing system to creating better work flow, Susan can become your most trusty resource.


Thanks to her ability to think outside the box to find creative solutions, Susan has helped many self-employed Portlanders become better business owners.

How Susan Has Helped in Portland Area Home Offices


One small business client, a residential and commercial property manager, needed an updated, streamlined paper management system. Susan now visits him monthly for short maintenance sessions, and he calls her his “personal trainer of professional organizing.”


Susan also helped a minister set up a filing system to manage the never-ending flow of paperwork. And to showcase her creative side, she worked with a stained-glass artist to organize her studio full of tools, materials, and show props. No matter the type of business, all small business owners have the same needs for an organized space, a personalized paper management system, and simple systems to keep everything working perfectly.

Before becoming a professional organizer, Susan was an administrative assistant for 30 years. So she truly understands the needs of the small business owner and is ready to make your business the best it can be. Those who work with her find they save money in the long run, and have less frustration and increased productivity daily. 

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