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Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Do You Charge?

Susan charges $85 per hour. Payment options are cash or check and are due at the end of each organizing session.


How Long Will it Take to Get Organized?

This depends upon the size of the job and how quickly you make decisions. The client always sets the pace. Removing distractions like pets, small children, and ringing phones will maximize our time together. A smaller area, like a laundry room, might take 2-4 hours, while a larger space like a home office might take multiple sessions. Some of her clients like to meet regularly after the initial organizing is complete. During that time, we might tidy the space, get through any backlog of paperwork, tweak any trouble spots and offer light decluttering. Some clients like to meet bi-weekly or monthly to maintain their spaces.

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Are your services confidential?

Your privacy is always ensured. Susan abides by the NAPO Code of Ethics. All information received by you or seen within your home or office is 100% confidential.  Trust is an important part of the relationship.

What Areas of Oregon Do You Serve?


Susan Weber Organizing works in the greater Portland area, including the cities of Portland, Tigard, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, and West Linn.

Are You Insured?


Yes, Susan Weber Organizing is licensed in the state of Oregon and carries business liability insurance.

Why Should I hire Susan Weber Organizing?

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Susan is a third-generation Portlander who prides herself on knowing the unique needs of her local clients. It takes a special person to identify those needs and offer local resources to allow them to reach their goals. She is also extremely flexible in her approach, knowing that each client is unique. Her compassion sets her apart and drives her desire to help clients reach a state of organized bliss.

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